Roesch’s in-house engineers are creative, technical experts in both manufacturing and chemical applications. Our engineers can help you benefit from an array of coatings and manufacturing processes. When you partner with Roesch, you can expect support in:

  • Idea generation: If you have a concept or an unmet customer need, consult with our engineers to explore what’s possible. Roesch, Inc. has the expertise you need to explore material options, manufacturing processes and coatings that can help you turn a challenge into a new product!
  • Design for manufacturing: We will work with you to ensure that the manufacturing processes and material selection favor the bottom line while optimizing your parts’ quality and function.

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"Hitpreet is a very knowledgeable sales and marketing professional who is highly customer focused. She has an in depth knowledge in the porcelain industry. I would recommend her to anyone looking to source their porcelain needs."
Manufacturing Technology Manager, Commercial food equipment manufacturer
Oven control panel
 Porcelain enamel coated oven liner  stainless steel oven door liner
 porcelain enamel coated firebox liner  porcelain enamel firebox liner
 primary heat exchanger, 2 cell  primary heat exchanger
 primary heat exchanger, 3 cell  primary heat exchanger
 porcelain enamel coated cast iron stove grate  porcelain enamel coated cast iron stove grate