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Roesch, Inc. was founded in 1916 as a porcelain enamel contract manufacturer. During the 1920s, Roesch manufactured coal and gas residential cooking ranges. The company added metal fabrication capabilities in the 1940’s allowing Roesch to further expand as a custom job shop to the HVAC and major cooking appliance manufacturers. In the 1970’s, in order to offset cyclical sales of its products and services, Roesch developed its line of Ice Maid merchandisers and related products.

Today, Roesch has two facilities and has developed expertise in the areas of food equipment manufacturing; home appliance manufacturing; HVAC; hearth, patio and BBQ manufacturing; construction and ice products


On Time Delivery

Roesch bring products to market more quickly and minimize defects.


Roesch is in business to save its customers time, money and resources.


Roesch has on-site engineers and a promising problem-solving culture.


Superior quality solutions to support customers' revenue and profit goals.


Roesch is conveniently located in Belleville, Illinois, just east of St. Louis. 


Roesch delivers solutions to affordability,  manufacturability and quality. 

Roesch Inc.

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Customer’s Feedback

“We have had a mutually beneficial relationship with Roesch, Inc. since June, 2006. They have provided many innovative and cost savings opportunities for the products they provide. These opportunities make them a key supplier for us. We look forward to increasing the business relationship over the next few years.” 

– Senior Buyer, Foodservice equipment manufacturer